About Us

The first sermon was preached in Falkland by Rev. J.N.H. Summerell on the fourth Sunday in August, 1887. He was at that time the pastor for Tarboro, Rocky Mount, and Wilson Presbyterian Churches. On the 12th day of November, 1892, the first and oldest Presbyterian Church in Pitt County, NC, was organized. Twelve persons, four males and eight females were received with two baptized children. The Falkland Church was the host-mother church for the now First Presbyterian church of Greenville, NC.

This came to pass primarily because of a desire of one person, Miss Mattie Mayo, daughter of Dr. Mayo a physician and head of a large family from Falkland. While as a student at Peace Institute in Raleigh, NC, Miss Mayo was attracted by the general quality of the Presbyterian preaching and the simplicity of their style and was instrumental in making arrangements for the first sermon preached in Falkland by Rev. Summerell.

During the first 53 years, 319 people became members of Falkland Presbyterian Church with the majority of them united by profession of faith.

On April 16, 1933, the existing church building debt was paid in full and was dedicated. Rev. H.M. Wilson was called to become pastor. Since that time, many renovations and additions have been made to the church building. Many faithful saints have departed and many more added over the years.